Harmonious Woreship – Uniting Hearts and Voices in Praise

There is a venerable saying that to sing once is to pray twice. From the first note of the Prelude to the final chord of the Postlude, the Eucharistic Liturgy is a prayer in song. Music adds a fathomless beauty to our liturgy as we lift our hearts and minds to God in worship. At Perry Highway Lutheran Church (PHLC), the music ministry strives for excellence as we seek to give glory to God through the harmonious blend of voices, instruments, and passion.

In our mission to create meaningful liturgy, we acknowledge that our music must be cohesive, complement the themes of the Lectionary, and inspire those gathered for worship. By carefully selecting and thoughtfully arranging each piece, we aim to create a seamless experience transcending language, age, and culture boundaries. Our music ministry endeavors to draw together the diverse threads of our congregation, uniting us in our shared love for God and our desire to express our faith through song.

In addition to enhancing the worship experience, the music ministry at PHLC also serves as an avenue for personal growth and community building. We believe that making music together fosters a sense of belonging, deepens our understanding of the liturgy, and encourages us to share our unique talents in service to God and others. Our music ministry is inclusive and welcoming, providing opportunities for members of all ages and skill levels to contribute their voices and instrumental abilities to the rich tapestry of our worship.

Call for your skills and talents

We are seeking singers, instrumentalists, and other music enthusiasts who are passionate about using their gifts to glorify God and uplift the hearts of our congregation. Whether you have a background in classical, contemporary, gospel, or any other style of sacred music, your unique talents and contributions are welcome.

  • Choir: Join our choir and raise your voice harmoniously with fellow singers as we lead the congregation in hymns, anthems, and other choral pieces.

  • Worship Band: Share your instrumental talents in our worship band, providing music for contemporary services and special events.

  • Soloists and Ensembles: Showcase your vocal or instrumental gifts as a soloist or in small ensembles, offering special music during worship services or other church events.

  • Youth and Children’s Music: Inspire the next generation by participating in or helping to lead our youth and children’s music programs