Careing for our property and grounds

Our dedicated committee focuses on maintaining, improving, and stewardship of our church’s physical spaces, including its buildings, grounds, and landscaping. Ensuring our facilities’ beauty, safety, and functionality creates a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere for worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth.

We invite you to join the Perry Highway Lutheran Church Property and Grounds Committee and play an essential role in caring for and enhancing our church’s physical spaces. All are welcome, regardless of experience or skill level. Whether you have a green thumb, a talent for carpentry, or a passion for organization, your skills and enthusiasm will be greatly appreciated.

Things can seem to be too much at times…

  • Maintenance and Repairs: The Property and Grounds Committee oversees the regular maintenance of the church’s buildings, including preventive care, repairs, and necessary improvements. By addressing the upkeep of the church’s infrastructure, we ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our congregation and visitors.

  • Landscaping and Grounds Care: Our team is responsible for the beautification and maintenance of the church’s outdoor spaces, including lawn care, gardening, and landscaping. We strive to create a peaceful and visually appealing setting that reflects the beauty of God’s creation and invites members and visitors to enjoy our grounds.

  • Facility Improvements and Renovations: The committee identifies and prioritizes needed improvements and renovations, working closely with the church council to plan, budget, and execute projects that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of our church facilities.

  • Safety and Security: We work to ensure the safety and security of our church property by addressing potential hazards, implementing security measures, and coordinating with local authorities when necessary.

  • Stewardship of Resources: The Property and Grounds Committee is committed to responsibly stewardship of the church’s resources, seeking environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions in our maintenance and improvement efforts.