Altar Guild

To care for, maintain, and prepare the area of the Altar in the sanctuary.  The altar guild duties are concerned not so much with making the sanctuary pretty as it is with making it meaningful.  Committee members prepare the Altar for all weekly services, including all holiday services, mid-week services, and special occasion services.

Our dedicated Altar Guild team plays a vital role in enhancing the worship experience for our congregation, ensuring that the altar and sanctuary are prepared and maintained with reverence and care.

Alter Guild Duties

  • Preparing the Altar: Our team ensures that the altar is prepared for worship services, including setting up the chalice, paten, linens, candles, and other necessary items.

  • Linen Care: We take great care to launder and iron the altar linens, ensuring they are always clean and presentable for worship.

  • Seasonal Decorations: Our team coordinates and sets up the appropriate seasonal decorations for the church, including Advent wreaths, Christmas trees, and Easter lilies.

  • Flower Arrangements: We arrange and maintain fresh flower displays for the altar, adding beauty and symbolism to our worship space.

  • Baptismal and Wedding Support: The Altar Guild provides assistance during baptisms and weddings, ensuring that the necessary items are in place and properly prepared.

  • Cleaning and Polishing: We take pride in keeping the altar and sanctuary clean and well-maintained, including regular cleaning and polishing of the brass and silver items used in worship.

Get Involved

If you feel called to serve in this vital ministry, we invite you to join the Perry Highway Lutheran Church Altar Guild. All are welcome, regardless of experience or skill level. Training and guidance will be provided to help you get started.

To learn more or to volunteer, please contact our Altar Guild Coordinator.

We look forward to serving with you and enhancing the worship experience at Perry Highway Lutheran Church.