Get to Know Perry Highway Lutheran Church: Connect with Pastor Ryan

At Perry Highway Lutheran Church, we believe that solid relationships form the foundation of a thriving community. One of our most cherished connections is the one you can have with Pastor Ryan. If you’ve been considering getting to know our church better, here’s why and how you should contact Pastor Ryan.

Why Reach Out to Pastor Ryan?

Pastor Ryan is our spiritual leader and embodiment of our values—love, inclusivity, and community engagement. He offers a welcoming and open ear to anyone interested in learning more about our congregation or seeking spiritual guidance. His strong commitment to social outreach and inclusive leadership means he’s dedicated to helping everyone feel at home within our congregation, regardless of their background or where they are in their faith journey.

Getting to Know Our Church

Understanding Perry Highway Lutheran Church goes beyond our services and events. By connecting with Pastor Ryan, you’ll understand our church’s mission, role as a RIC congregation, and how we strive to live out our faith daily. It’s also a chance to ask any questions you might have about our church community, our beliefs, or Lutheranism in general.

Connecting on a Personal Level

Building a personal relationship with Pastor Ryan also allows you to discuss individual matters of faith. Whether you’re dealing with a spiritual dilemma, seeking comfort amid life’s challenges, or looking to deepen your relationship with God, Pastor Ryan is here to support you.

How to Reach Out

Reaching out to Pastor Ryan is easy. You can connect with him by email, phone, or by attending one of our many community events or services. He’s also available for one-on-one appointments, which can be scheduled through our church office.

Connecting with Pastor Ryan is an excellent way to deepen your understanding of Perry Highway Lutheran Church and foster spiritual growth. He’s excited to hear from you and eager to welcome you into our vibrant community. Remember, our church is a place where all are welcome, and we can’t wait to walk with you on your faith journey.

Remember, you are always welcome here, as God’s love is always open to all.

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